License info

All gymnasts, coaches and judges who are taking part in IFAGG international events (A- and B-category) must have a valid license for the ongoing competition year. This means that the licenses must be applied and paid yearly.

Licenses are collected and applied by an official IFAGG country member, personal / single applications should not be sent to IFAGG office. After receiving the registrations from the IFAGG country member, IFAGG will send an invoice based on the received information.

IFAGG country member: Please apply licenses by registering the gymnasts into IFAGG register and send an invoice inquiry to IFAGG office ( The link to the registration page has been sent to each country member via email.


License fees 2021

Valid 1.1.-31.12.2021

  • Senior gymnasts 25 € / gymnast
  • Junior gymnasts 15 € / gymnast
  • Children gymnasts 5 € / gymnast
  • International judges 50 € / judge
  • International coaches 5 € / coach


License payments

The licenses have to be paid to IFAGG by the IFAGG member before the gymnast(s) / judge(s) participate in their first international competition (A- and B-category competitions) during the year.

Information about changing the team can be found here.

Regarding team / license changes, please contact IFAGG office ( By request, the office will send a list of all registered gymnasts (per country) to the official member representative. You can make all team and / or license changes into that excel sheet in red color and the office will make the corrections into the register system and send the invoice.