IFAGG International Judges Webinar (Levels 1-3)

Date/Time: 18.10.2020
Location: Webinar

Welcome to the IFAGG International Judges Webinar, levels 1-3.

IFAGG is organizing refreshing seminar online for already IFAGG international level judges.
Webinar is emphasizing junior-senior rules and evaluation points.

Date and time:

18 October 2020 13:30 CET – 17:30 CET

Registration has been closed.

Please note that the registrations will have to be made by the official IFAGG country / member only. Individual registrations will not be accepted. IFAGG has the right to invite persons to educate IFAGG judges.

The last day of the registration is 12 October 2020.

Participation fee:

40 EUR for IFAGG members

You will receive a personal link to the webinar via email.

Webinar cancellation policy:

Attendees who do not participate in the webinar will not be entitled to a refund.

If a technical failure at the attendee's home or workplace prevents access to the live webinar, the attendee will not be given a refund. It is the responsibility of the webinar attendee to test their computer setup prior to the start of the webinar.

Instructors will show videos in the webinar. Participant is responsible to have fast enough internet connection. IFAGG is not responsible if there will be some errors in the internet connection of the participant.

Cancellations must be made at the latest 12 October 2020. Cancellations received after that will not be refunded. Cancellation must be sent via email to: office@ifagg.com.

Contact details:

International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastic, IFAGG
Office tel: +358 44 304 3708
E-mail: office@ifagg.com 
Website: https://ifagg.sporttisaitti.com/